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Shoe Construction Methods - Goodyear Welt

I thought for the second Blog entry i’d give you a little detail about the different construction method we choose to use.So what makes a good pair of shoes or boots? For the majority of us it comes down to brand, style and cost. Not much information is given about the construction and materials which is a real shame.Most high street brands are mass produced and cannot be constructed using traditional hand welted techniques. Most of the products are constructed using a method called “concreting” which is essentially glueing the outsole to the insole. This technique tends to fall apart and cannot be resoled.Because our products are made to order using traditional techniques we are able to offer a much...

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Welcome! Lets break down the boot.

Hello! firstly a big thank you for your interest in our products and visiting our blog page. Its been an exciting journey from when we initially came up with the conception for the brand and product to where we are now!  Over the coming weeks I'll be breaking down the different components which make up a boot, materials and the construction methods we chose to use. Before we move into the construction and material used its important to understand the different component which make up a boot.  THE BREAKDOWN Upper - This is the material above the sole which can be seen when the boot is worn. Insole - This is basically everything your foot is in contact with. Outsole...

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